Caedrel becomes LCK co-streamer for DRX

More Western streamers are becoming co-streamers of LCK and LPL lately.

Photo via Riot Games

LCK and LEC fans are in for a treat after DRX announced that it added Caedrel as a co-streamer for their matches.

Caedrel, formerly jungler of Excel Esports, parted ways with the organization at the end of the last year. He had a couple of guest appearances after his team failed to qualify for playoffs and was recruited by LEC as an analyst for the 2021 season. He provides a lot of insight after playing competitively for five years, giving the viewers a chance to better understand the map movements during competitive matches.

Recently, IWillDominate also received permission to co-stream the LPL. With more Westerns streamers joining the co-streams of LPL and LCK, viewers can watch their favorite content creator deep-dive into the matches and explain the intricacies of some movements which otherwise might not be explained on the official broadcast.

LCK began last week and some teams have managed to pull off upsets already. Some rookies managed to reach the top of the standings after having a formidable debut at the start of the split. The 2020 reigning world champions DWG KIA have failed to find their footing, putting in shaky performance after returning from MSI where they lost to RNG in the finals.

While LCK has been looking weaker in the previous years, they still have the most League world championship trophies, at six. The second region trailing them is LPL, which has been looking much stronger after franchising, with two trophies.

The LCK returns on Wednesday, June 16, with two matches between Nongshim RedForce vs. DRX and Gen.G vs. KT Rolster.

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