Caedrel parts ways with Excel Esports, steps back from professional play

The LEC jungler will transition to a freelance role.

Excel Esports is moving on from LEC jungler Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont, the organization announced today. The 24-year-old also said he’ll be taking a break from competing in professional League of Legends.

Caedrel joined Excel in December 2018 and played four complete splits for the LEC organization. Excel finished as a middle-of-the-pack or bottom-barrel team each time, failing to reach the LEC playoffs.

There are no rumors yet about who might be Excel’s jungler for the upcoming split. The org has no substitute junglers on its main roster and might look to promote academy jungler Christian Vendelbo “Taxer” Bylling Jensen to the main roster. Excel could also try to acquire an external player as part of its rebuild for the upcoming split.

Caedrel has shown great talent in other areas after his team failed to qualify for the playoffs. He made an appearance on the LEC broadcast as an analyst and was a part of the World Championship State Farm analyst desk. His insight and analysis allowed fans to get a better understanding of how pro players think and how to become a better League player overall.

A couple of hours after Caedrel left Excel, he posted an update on his future plans. He’s taking a break from pro play and will pursue a freelance role.

This could make him a great candidate for the LEC broadcast, which operates with most casters or analysts on a freelance contract basis. While this is just speculation, it wouldn’t be a surprise after seeing how well he’s fit on the broadcast team in the past.

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