IWillDominate to co-stream 2021 LPL Summer Split

He is the first Western streamer to receive this permission.

Screengrab via IWillDominate

League of Legends fans are in for a treat for the upcoming 2021 LPL Summer Split.

IWillDominate has received permission to start co-streaming the LPL, the Cloud9 League streamer announced today. This is the second league IWillDominate is going to co-stream in the upcoming Summer Split along with the LCS. With the leagues running at different times, it should pose no challenge for the Cloud9 streamer to co-stream both events on a weekly basis.

The LPL has steadily grown over the years and once they began winning World Championships, more Western players started tuning into the streams to get to know the players destroying others around the globe.

The league has 17 teams and possesses a lot of strong domestic talent with interesting storylines. While not everyone might know the entire teams, most of us have seen remarkable and outspoken players on the global stage such as Doinb, Rookie, and TheShy. While the LPL was always one step behind the LCK in the past, they’ve managed to become the second-best league in the world with two World Championship wins under their belt.

With the recent international win by RNG over at MSI against Korea’s DWG KIA, LPL might soon look to overtake Korea in global domination and become the premier League region in the world.

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