13 June 2018 - 19:50

Aatrox's old skins have been updated to reflect his new badassery

Justicar Aatrox can now be considered an actual good skin.
Screengrab via Riot Games

Aatrox's large scale update was fully revealed this week, and man oh man, he looks about as badass as we ever could have hoped for.

On top of his abilities and new voiceover feeling much more pushing and heavy-weighted, his overall look is much more in-tune with his bloodthirsty demon aesthetic, too. Fortunately for Aatrox, that also extends to his skins, which have all received face lifts to go along with the update.

Keep in mind that this update is considered to be a major redesign, just like Swain's earlier this year and just like the upcoming Akali update. Unlike those champions, though, Aatrox was much newer, and required a redesign for different reasons. Akali, Swain, Evelynn, Warwick, and all the other candidates for major updates so far are extremely old champions, while Aatrox was introduced later on in League of Legends' third season.

That being said, his actual looks weren't as shoddy and outdated, so he has room to retain some of his former looks. Strictly for the visual part of his update, think of it more as an enhancement to his previous themes rather than a total rebuild from the ground up. You'll notice that some of his skins look mostly the same, just with more details and tweaks to match his new, intimidating facade.

Here are the updated versions of Justicar, Sea Hunter, and Mecha Aatrox.

With this week's reveal, Aatrox is expected to go live with Patch 8.13 in two weeks.

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