13 June 2018 - 17:21

The new Aatrox takes the award for sassiest champion in League

He makes fun of your insecurities, and it feels pretty mean.
Image via Riot Games

When we saw the World Ender's official reveal by Riot yesterday, we assumed he was all business. Aatrox is clearly in the business of murder, and it definitely seemed like his voiceover would be all about grunts and various declarations of "I will destroy the world!"

Those dangerous vague threats are still there, don't worry. But just like Pyke's special voice interactions, Aatrox is one funny dude. He's not funny in the "haha" sort of way, though. He's funny because he's a murder machine that we can now clearly picture saying something like, "I'm sure you're doing the best you can," after you made a mistake.

He's savage, and although it doesn't fit what we thought we'd be getting with a world-ending demon, we're definitely not upset about it. Some of his quotes start off sounding serious, and then circle right back to the sass.

Here's a list of some of Aatrox's best new voiceover interactions.

When an enemy flashes mastery: "Mastery? I must congratulate you, because obviously your parents never had reason to." (You should feel personally attacked by this one.)

When an enemy flashes mastery: "Ah, mastery, well done. Now master your insignificance."

When an enemy flashes mastery: "Yes, your mastery is the master of masters. I am fighting an imbecile."

When an enemy flashes mastery: "Somehow, I doubt you've mastered self esteem."

When taunting Varus: "Varus. V-A-R-U-S. Your name should have an A and then another A, Varus. There was a memo, Varus. There was a memo." (Varus is cursed with a Darkin, but doesn't have a double A name like Aatrox or Rhaast.)

When taunting Varus: "We all agreed on the double A thing, Varus. The double A thing!"

When taunting Kayn: "A scythe? A scythe?! Are you planning on murdering fields of wheat?"

When taunting Kayn: "I chose a sword, the noblest weapon. Rhaast, you... Seriously, I don't understand. Were you trapped in the gardening section?"

When taunting a void creature: "Do I resemble you, abomination? Your form isn't my destiny, is it? ... You don't know how to talk, do you? ... Shit."

First encounter with Camille: "Scissors for legs, okay. I thought I had seen stupid designs before. Alright, let's go."

First encounter with Gangplank: "Guns and oranges? Are you a cliché or a joke? Come! Fight! Die!"

First encounter with Kayn: "Ooooh, a shadow warrior. How edgy."

First encounter with Kennen: "A lightning squirrel?! Hahahaha, thank you! Your death will amuse me."

First encounter with Taric: "Hail the protector! Hail Taric, Aspect of... Get a haircut!"

Kill Darius: "The axe suited you, Darius. The weapon of a simpleton."

Kill Kled: "What is 'property'? Why did this dead hamster want me off of it?"

With Aatrox's official reveal this week, we can expect to play him live in about two weeks with Patch 8.13. You'll have to wait that long, at least, to play the master of death and clapbacks.

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