20 Players to Watch for at Worlds (10-1)

Preface: This is not a "top players" list. This is merely a list of players to watch out for that will play a role in whether their team can succeed or falter.

Preface: This is not a “top players” list. This is merely a list of players to watch out for that will play a role in whether their team can succeed or falter.

Part 1 (20-11)

10 – GodV

A very impressive and mechnically talented player, GodV is notorious for his Diana and Orianna play (as well as some interesting builds). He finds himself on a very strong squad of players with LGD.

After defeating Qiao Gu in the LPL finals, GodV now sets his sights on the Worlds stage, looking to compete against the likes of Kur0, xPeke, and Bjergsen in the group stages, and show that Imp won’t be the only player making others cry at worlds.

9 – Ssumday

Ssumday is starting to become very well known for his Gnar counter with Yasuo, but he is a very solid player overall and one of the best top laners in LCK along with Marin and Smeb.

His impressive winrate on champions such as Maokai (11-2) show that he’s not afraid to take hits for the team, but his carry potential is not to be underestimated either, as he is a very solid split pushing threat for the KT Rolster squad as well. With the stacked top lane talent, he’ll be able to really show how flexible he is as a player.

8 – Deft

Deft is a very good player, and considered one of the best AD Carries in the world, and for good reason. He’s a very strong mechanical player, having great showings on champions such as Jinx, Kalista, and Kog’Maw.

Deft will be a huge factor in EDG’s successes in Worlds, and with a former world champion on his team to help back him up in PawN, perhaps he’ll take home a championship this time.

7 – Bang

Known for his explosive play, Bang is another very strong AD Carry coming into this tournament. Having to replace Piglet were very big shoes for him to step into, but he has done a fantastic job at doing so.

In particular, he has phenomanal win rates on champions such as Corki (13-1), Vayne (8-1), and Lucian (4-0) in the LCK Summer split of 2015. He is looking very scary coming into Worlds, and he is looking to make a mark on the international scene.

6 – Piccaboo

After a wrist injury that hindered Piccaboo from continuing to play in the Spring split of LCK as a sub for SK Telecom, he was dropped from SKT and then joined the forces of KT Rolster.

Somehow finding his way near the top of a list, Piccaboo is a very strong player, and arguably the best on the whole KT Rolster team. His aggressive roaming play is incredible, and his shot calling is very on point as well. Piccaboo will be a lot of the weight for KT Rolster when it comes to making decisions, and he can impact the game either very heavily in their favor if he does it right.

5 – KaKao

Whether you know him as being the SKT Destroyer, the Kackle, or for his Nocturne, there’s no denying KaKao is one of the greatest junglers in League of Legends. Despite this however, he’s never made a world championships until this year, and thing are looking very up for him.

With the Nocturne and Lee Sin changes, there is a high chance that these picks will be contested, and they are some of KaKao’s best champions as well. His very strong synergy with Invictus Gaming’s mid laner, Rookie, will also be something to watch for at this tournament.

Ultimately, KaKao will be very scary at Worlds, and we’ll see if his first Worlds will be the one he takes a trophy away with.

4 –  ClearLove

One of the most impressive League of Legends players in history when it comes to achievement, ClearLove is another big threat coming from the jungle. He often dictates how the game goes for EDG, and it usually ends up being their best strength.

With champions like Nunu and Evelynn at his disposal, along with a now buffed Lee Sin and Nocturne, Clearlove is such to wreak havoc in this year’s World championships. He took EDG to a 3-2 victory against SK Telecom at MSI, and is looking to take his team to yet another interntional victory, and to have yet another trophy in his case.


3 – Imp

Last year’s world champion finds himself in a back-to-back apperance, but this time on a different team. However, Imp is just as dominant as he was last year, if not moreso. Where as he had Mata before, he now has pyl as his support, and they have been looking very good together.

With a very strong LGD Squad behind him, Imp will look to make history to be the first League of Legends player to be a back-to-back champion at Worlds, and this year’s as good as any for him.


2 – PawN

Now, you might be wondering “you just talked so well about Imp, how can you put PawN above him?!”.

 The reason I’m putting PawN over Imp is because of the fact that PawN is a bit of a question mark at the moment. He was recently put back in the hospital while the rest of his team would continue his training.

Despite assurances that he’s fine, it’ll be very interesting to see how he does with missing his training, and whether or not his lack of practice will affect him at all or not. He does also have a chance, like Imp, to make history and be a back-to-back World champion. Only time will tell whether or not PawN is still up to the plate.


1 – Faker

Amazingly, Faker find himself at the top of this list. The legendary mid laner for SKT, whom is also touted as the best League of Legends player of all time, is one that you should always watch out for, and at Worlds it is no exception.

Last year, SKT did not qualify for Worlds, and then lost to EDG in the finals of MSI, but now Faker is coming back this year at Worlds and with a vengeance, as SKT and EDG get to brawl with each other from the get go in the group stages.


This year brings an impressive amount of talent to the League of Legends world championships, and it’s sure to be stacked this year with close games. Whether it’ll be the Year of the Faker once more, or the return of Imp, this Worlds will be unforgettable.

Photo Credit: lolesports.com