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Image via UniqueGeese

The Internet is going wild for Indigo Park’s Rambley

Our beloved train conductor

Rambley, from the indie mascot horror hit Indigo Park, is developing a small cult following online as people flock to show their support for the loveable purple raccoon turned train conductor.

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Rambley, from the indie mascot horror hit Indigo Park, is developing a small cult following online as fans flock to show their support for the loveable purple raccoon turned train conductor. 

Since Indigo Park’s release on May 18, Rambley mania has been sweeping the internet. Fans are going wild for the charismatic face of the horror amusement park, flocking to spread fan art and adoration for the game and its characters—with some maybe going a little too far in the game’s official Discord.

horror in the discord server
Too much Rambley. Screenshot by Dot Esports

If you join the official Indigo Park Discord, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer amount of people who have changed their name and icon to Rambley, just with different iterations of the same picture. Some are going as far as to only talk, act, or even roleplay as the mascot in the chat, leading to some people crying that the other Rambleys are all fakers and they are the real one.

Equally, social media platforms are filled with accounts using Rambley as their new profile pictures or taking advantage of the game’s craze to try and bolster their social media following and presence. Some people are even creating AI bots that mimic how Rambley acts in-game for you to talk to. It’s wild.

As expected, social media platforms are also flooded with Rambley fan art, as well as art of the other cast members. The internet has embraced Rambley’s eccentric personality and latched onto the bubble of raccoon energy to further spread their love for the character.

This Rambley love shows no signs of stopping, and with Indigo Park: Chapter 2 fully funded, there is likely more Rambley adoration to come in the future.

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