This Week In Hearthstone 2/7/2016

Hello fellow Hearthstone Players. Today is another week in Hearthstone. This week is week six of 2016. As usual the Tavern Brawl is down for new content and will return on Wednesday. Last week was the best week I have ever had and I hope to continue that success this week. I finished last week […]

This Week in Hearthstone week 6 of 2016

Hello fellow Hearthstone Players. Today is another week in Hearthstone. This week is week six of 2016. As usual the Tavern Brawl is down for new content and will return on Wednesday. Last week was the best week I have ever had and I hope to continue that success this week. I finished last week with 6202 wins, 111 Arena wins, rank ten on ladder and 25 gold. This is a new month of ranked play for this month and I imagine the ladder will be busy with players that try to hit Legend at the beginning of the month. I usually play ranked in the middle to the end of the month. I do not have the time to commit to make a run at Legend.  I finished the ladder at rank ten which rewarded me with one gold king’s elekk, one gold cone of cold, one gold nourish, 5 dusts, and one new card back. The new month ladder started me at rank 19 with two stars. I finished the Tavern Brawl with 107 wins on my main account but over 200 wins total, as I said it was a good week. I sent record times on actual time spent and even had extra time that was very productive. I hope I can maintain that success this week. We will see hahahaha, but I doubt it.

Maximizing Time

I know this section seems redundant every week but I never know when I get a new reader so I repeat this just in case. I typically break my day up into two hours of play while trying to play casual, ranked, and Tavern brawl when it’s up which Tavern Brawl closes Monday and reopens on Wednesday. I use casual for questing on Monday and Tuesday. I try to get a few wins in ranked to work toward that gold hero. Currently I only have a gold priest. Let’s get moving on to Monday’s exploits.

Monday 2/1/2016

Monday started off with a quest of the day of Beat Down. The quest is doing 100 damage to players for forty gold. I decided not to recycle this but keep it since it’s easy and fast to complete.  I miss the last Tavern Brawl already. They announced maintenance for Tuesday which will have Hearthstone unavailable for approximately three hours. This will have an effect on Tuesday’s numbers, but I’ll do the best I can but I usually play first thing in the morning which is when this will occur. I am going to start off with my secret Paladin in ranked play as it was very successful last month in ranked play to complete today’s quest. I went four and four with my secret Paladin at rank 19 top complete the quest. That was not great but at least a 50 percent win rate. Keep in mind today is a new rank ladder so the best of the best are out. I usually wait till the middle of the month to play ranked seriously but I am gaining wins towards my gold Paladin I am trying to complete. I will probably play mostly casual but with a few ranked games every day. Today I faced a wide range of heroes and decks. I saw Rogue, aggro Shaman, Warlock zoo, mech Mage, Druid, mech Warrior, and agro Paladin. That’s all for today let’s look towards Tuesday which will be a slow day due to maintenance but I will at least complete a quest and I will earn a pack.

Total Time spent 40 minutes.

Tuesday 2/2/2016

Well today starts off with Blizzard maintenance that is supposed to last approximately three hours. The quest of the day I received was win three games with a Paladin or Warrior. I figure I had enough time to complete before the maintenance started. I decided to take a chance and recycle that quest. I received win three games with a Priest or Warlock. I won two Warlock games in ranked which took 55 minutes. I purchased a Grand Tournament pack for 100 gold. I received two purple cards confuse, astral communion, and one blue fallen hero. I disenchanted for 230 dusts. I had a good day with minimal time spent and even every a few ones on my characters to go towards that gold hero. I finished at four and four in ranked play but dropped to rank twenty. I faced mainly Warlocks today in Ranked and in casual. I had some extra time to play and decided on rank play. I went 8 and 3 overall using a mech Mage, agro Hunter, and secret Paladin. I earned enough gold from three wins give you 10 gold to get another Grand Tournament pack today. That puts on me on my pace of a pack a day with spending two hours or less playing. I went over that mark a little but I am covered by yesterday only spending forty minutes. The Grand Tournament pack produced a gold druid of the saber and a blue card tiny knight of evil. The pack also gave me 80 dusts for disenchanting. Other than spending more than two hours it turned out to be a good day. That is it for me today, see you guys tomorrow.

Total time spent 2.55 minutes.

Wednesday 2/3/2016

Welcome to another day in Hearthstone. We will receive a new Tavern Brawl today. I wonder what they will come up with this week? I started with a quest of the day Rogue or Warrior Dominance – win games with either a Rogue, Warrior or both combined for 60 gold. I really do not like this quest myself as the Warrior and Rogue for me are tough decks to play to win. I think it will take me the full two hours to win 5 games with either of these as they can be long games. I managed to win five games in one hour and 45 minutes to my surprise and complete the quest. I do not know why but the Warrior was not hard to win in the past even when the nerfed patron. In the end I won four games with the Warrior and one game with the Rogue. The Rogue has always been my nemesis since beta. I have a hard time winning with the Rogue which I attribute to my Hearthstone OCD lol. Blizzard announced a major change in Hearthstone by going to a Magic the Gathering with a standard format and a wild format. $I am not sure yet what this will do to the game but I do not think by no means does it damage it like the forums are blowing up with. I think the addition of this type of format may help the game expand which is Blizzards desire. Time will tell what the impact will be. $As for today it was a long road to five wins going five and five in casual but the type of decks took a long time to play out. Hey a new Tavern Brawl comes out today look for my article on it. I was able to get a Warrior deck finalized enough to take it to the ladder. The Warrior deck is a modified Mech version. I will let you know how it does on the ladder. Today is the day for the new Tavern Brawl this afternoon my time. Blizzard made a major announcement to the game that is sending waves that appear to be similar across the board in that some half are for it and half are against it. The developers have announced a format similar to Magic the Gathering with standard and wild play.  This is similar to standard and extended to certain extend in Magic the Gathering. At first glance I am ok with it but I agree it is going to cause some waves to Beta players like myself. I think I had a feeling it was coming but I did not think it would come this quick. Tournament players don’t worry because I am sure they will do a standard tour and an extended tour at some point. Now on to Tavern Brawl this week. Today is Blingtron’s Beauteous Brawl.  Blingtron is ready to rumble. He Changes your hero power to “get a random weapon.”  He also gives you random weapons. I to think a moment before deciding which hero to take advantage of this. I have decided to go with my trusty Paladin to begin. I decided on a secret/mech Paladin to begin. I quickly switched to a warrior. The game starts out with both players at thirty lives, ten armor and a foam sword which is a two/two weapon. Each player starts off with a hero power cash in which destroys your weapon and replaces it. This new Tavern Brawl is definitely different and new. My first thought is how to take advantage and abuse this format lol. As you know I pride myself in winning 100 or more Tavern Brawls every week. First cards that come to thought that are useful in my opinion are Harrison jones as you draw cards based on your opponent’s weapon durability. I initially tried other weapon destruction at first but when you destroy your opponents weapon he gets a new one so scratch that. I find this is a late game scenario so plan to make the game last as you have better cards at your disposal. I found quick game decks tend to concede quickly as this is a late game format. I spent 20 minutes for the first win but most of that time was changing the deck and conceding sorry. Sometimes you have to modify your deck at first quickly. I like the Warrior pirate deck and will go with that today. I did earn my free pack within twenty minutes so now I will spend the rest of the time modifying to get a 100-win Tavern Brawl deck that I average every week with less than 2 hours played per day.

Total Time Spent 2.0 hours.

Thursday 2/4/2016

Welcome to Thursday with a new Tavern Brawl in play and new quest for the day. The quest received today is Mage Victory- win three games with a Mage and earn 50 gold. I am keeping this since it is above the low 40 gold mark. I will use my Mech Mage in casual and ranked to complete. I managed to complete in less than one hour even with all the slow play lately for some reason. I am not sure why but I ran into a rash of the burning rope players. I earned my free pack which I purchased a Grand Tournament pack. The pack produced one blue ram wrangler. I was able to disenchant for 40 dusts. I am sitting on 75 gold and I will play some top possibly earn another pack. I will my playing time in the Tavern Brawl today. Just when I thought I had it figured out I was given another curve ball. I did earn another pack, I received one bluevoid crusher and disenchanted for 80 dusts. The odd part was I faced nothing but Rogues and Warriors, imagine that. I knew Tavern Brawl would evolve but didn’t think it would be that quick. I played some more and faced a Druid Priest, Mage and more Rogues. I am sticking with the Warrior as I have a higher win arte against Rogues. Plus, since that’s all I really see I modified my deck for Rogue opponents but keeping in mind other classes. I found only a few cards that were warranted for Rogues but I will change back if I start to see a more balanced opponent base. One side note. Articles, blogs and comments are on fire about Blizzard’s announcement of the standard and wild format similar to Magic the Gathering. I am neutral on the announcement, I see pros and cons, but I in the end I am ok with it. Oh well on to Thursday.

Total Time spent 59 minutes.

Friday 2/5/2016

I opened the day with a quest of The Meek Shall Inherit. To complete this quest play 30 minions that cost two or less for forty gold. I did not recycle this one as it is quick, easy and really doesn’t require that much thought process. I finished the quest and earned enough gold to get a Grand Tournament pack. The pack yielded one purple sideshow spelleater, one blue king’s defender[/card, and one blue [/card, and one blue card]fist of jaraxxas. I disenchanted for 150 dusts. All in all, a good day. Nothing but Rogues mainly in Tavern Brawl, I suggest Warriors as my win record is over 60 percent against them. See you on Friday.

Total time spent 1 hour and 59 minutes.

Saturday 2/6/2016

Welcome to the weekend. I started off with a quest of the day is Warlock victory. You need three Warlock wins in any format for fifty gold. I spent twenty-one minutes completing this quest in Tavern Brawl with A warlock zoo deck modified with Pirates and cards that revolve around weapons. I went three and zero against a Rogue, Priest and Druid. I did good with this Warlock but I still prefer the warrior but I will run the Warlock until I lose. I went seven and zero. I won ten gold for three wins, three times to give me 105 gold for the day so far. I purchase a Grand Tournament pack for 100 gold. I received one blue mogor’s champion. I disenchanted for forty dusts. The day turned out to be quick and efficient. I will play Tavern Brawl with any extra time today but it’s not needed as I earned the pack quickly. I ended up going eight and one, finally losing to a freeze mage, but I think I will finish out the Tavern Brawl switching between the Warlock and Warrior. I decided to stay with the Warlock and I went 30 and 8 in Tavern Brawl, I will play the Warlock on Sunday in Tavern Brawl. I have decided based on experience the Warlock is better than the Warrior in Tavern Brawl. See you guys on Sunday, I am currently at seventy Tavern Brawl wins. I am not sure I can make the 100-win mark in Tavern Brawl as the games are lasting longer in this format due to both player starting off with thirty health and ten armor. We will see how tomorrow pans out, but the Warlock rules now.

Total Time spent 1 hour and 59 minutes.

Sunday 2/7/2016

I started off today with a quest of the day being Rogue victory. Win three games with a Rogue for fifty gold. I decided to make a Rogue deck in Tavern Brawl to complete this quest. I went seven and zero in 42 minutes. I earned a pack and got a Grand Tournament pack. The pack gave me one purplebeneath the grounds. I disenchanted for 120 dusts. Another good and quick day.

Total Time spent  one hour and 42 minutes.

Parting Thoughts

I had another record week earning a pack a day, gaining gold points for my heroes, great Tavern Brawl which I am sitting at 73 wins. I finished the week with 6318 wins, rank 18 in the ladder, 18265 dusts and tons of great fun running different decks in Tavern Brawl while maintaining over 70 percent win rate in Tavern Brawl. Look for my upcoming articles, comment all you want, consider becoming a premium member at Hearthstone players dot com. Peace out from Texas experiencing spring temps nice and warm but we have snow coming.