Hearthstone Patch 23.2 is now live

Big Battlegrounds stuff.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Today is an exciting day for those Hearthstone fans who enjoy alternate versions of the game like Battlegrounds and Mercenaries.

Hearthstone Patch 23.2 is now live and introduces a variety of updates to both of the aforementioned modes.

If you only play Standard Hearthstone, then you’d be surprised at what you’re missing within the rest of Hearthstone. Patch 23.2 kicks off the inaugural Battleground season, Rise of the Naga. That means as of Patch 23.2 going live, you can expect your Battlegrounds rating to be reset. Patch 23.2 will also do away with the Battlegrounds Buddies.

The primary thing to be excited for regarding Battlegrounds and Patch 23.2 is the introduction of a new minion type, the Naga. Players can expect the Naga to be a “spell-focused” tribe that will make use of a new keyword for Battlegrounds, Spellcraft. Minions with Spellcraft will grant a temporary spell each turn that “tends to give a buff” for the next combat.

Joining the Naga minion tribe in Battlegrounds will be an all-new Hero, the Legendary Queen Azshara. The Naga Queen’s ability is called Azshara’s Ambition and causes her to transform into her Naga form when your Warband reaches 30 total attack. In her Naga form, Queen Azshara allows you to pay one gold, then Discover a Naga.

Moving from one Azerothian icon to the next, players of Mercenaries will be graced by the madness of N’Zoth. With Patch 23.2, N’Zoth is invading Mercenaries with an event that will involve 10 special tasks centered around the Old God. Players will have until the next patch to complete all 10 tasks. Completing all 10 will grant you the N’Zoth Mercenary for free.

You can read the official patch notes to see everything the team has to say about Patch 23.2. And you can head into Hearthstone right now to check out all of the Battlegrounds and Mercenaries features for yourself.