Hearthstone fans can now unlock chapter 2 of Galakrond’s Awakening

Players can unlock eight new cards by completing the latest chapter.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s time for the next leg of Hearthstone’s newest journey, Galakrond’s Awakening. The second chapter of the solo adventure, named Clash at Wyrmrest, takes players through the Wyrmrest Temple and is now available on the live servers.

Players can unlock both the League of E.V.I.L. and the League of Explorers sides of the chapter for 700 coins or $6.99. Those who unlock the chapter will once again be able to play as the heroes or villains from either faction, depending on which half of the chapter they choose to play first.

Like the first chapter of the adventure, players will unlock more cards for each encounter they complete. For the League of E.V.I.L., players will earn the following rewards:

  • Arcane Amplifier: three-cost Mage 2/5 Elemental that allows its user’s Hero Power to deal two extra damage.
  • Hailbringer: five-cost 3/4 neutral Elemental with a Battlecry that summons two 1/1 Ice Shards that can Freeze enemy targets.
  • Rising Winds: two-cost Druid spell with a Twinspell and Choose One. Players can either choose to draw a card or summon a 3/2 Eagle.
  • The Fist of Ra-den: four-cost 1/4 weapon that summons a Legendary minion of equal cost after a player casts a spell. The weapon then loses one durability.

As players make their way through the League of Explorers side of the chapter, they’ll unlock four additional cards:

  • Fiendish Servant: one-cost 2/1 Warlock Demon with a Deathrattle that gives its attack to a random friendly minion.
  • Cleric of Scales: one-cost 1/1 Priest minion with a Battlecry that Discovers a spell from the user’s deck if they are holding a Dragon at the time of play.
  • Explosive Evolution: two-cost Shaman spell that transforms a minion into a random one that costs three mana or more.
  • Skyvateer: two-cost 1/3 Rogue Pirate that has Stealth and a Deathrattle that draws a card.

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The third chapter of the solo adventure will become available on Feb. 4, but fans of the game can pre-order the chapter to automatically unlock it when it hits on the live servers. The final chapter of the adventure will then release on Feb. 11 to wrap up the Year of the Dragon.