Does Hearthstone Mercenaries have a PvE mode?

It's a whole new experience.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone has been doing great when it comes to implementing new and exciting game modes, which helps keep the game fresh. While new players will always find something new to try out in Hearthstone, it may not be the case for seasoned veterans at all times. New expansions try their best to spice up the metagame, but a completely different way to play the game can also do the trick.

Hearthstone’s mercenaries game mode is the latest new way to play the game and it’s relatively different from all the game modes that players got to try out over the years. Like the Battleground game mode, you won’t need your collection to participate in this game mode, and you won’t need to be a skilled deck builder either since you’ll only need six mercenaries to take on the world.

The Mercenaries game mode features roguelike elements and titles belonging to that genre are often single-player games. Hearthstone’s take, Mercenaries, also features a dedicated PvE mode, meaning players will get to enjoy the game mode as a single player. Once you kick off your journey, you’ll be able to complete Bounties that will allow you to play against AI.

Mercenaries isn’t completely a single-player game mode, however. Players looking to test their party’s mettle will also be able to battle against other Hearthstone players in the PvP section of the game mode.

While you can get away with assembling a team with random mercenaries in the beginning, you’ll need to put more thought into your lineup as you advance in the game mode. All mercenaries have roles, and you may need to swap out characters based on their roles and abilities to counter an enemy lineup. If you know who you’re playing against, tailoring your lineup to fit the occasion will only increase your chances of winning and allow you to go through encounters faster.