4 new Legendaries revealed from Hearthstone’s Deadmines mini-set

Get ready to enter the Deadmines.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

New cards keep flowing with Blizzard looking to build up the hype around Hearthstone’s upcoming Deadmines mini-set.

Blizzard introduced four new Legendaries today: Goliath Sneed’s Masterpiece, Cookie the Cook, Mr. Smite, and Edwin, Defias Kingpin.

If you ever ran the Deadmines dungeon in Hearthstone’s parent game, World of Warcraft, then odds are you recognize these iconic characters.

Goliath Sneed’s Masterpiece is an eight-cost Legendary neutral 8/8 Mech minion with a Battlecry. When Sneed’s Masterpiece enters the battlefield, five rockets are fired at enemy minions that deal two damage each. These aren’t random and you get to select the targets.

Cookie the Cook is a three-cost 2/3 Legendary Murloc minion that belongs to the Shaman class. Cookie the Cook has Lifesteal as well as a Deathrattle that allows you to equip a 2/3 Stirring Rod with Lifesteal.

Mr. Smite is a six-cost 6/5 Legendary neutral Pirate minion that gives your other Pirates Charge. Expect to see Mr. Smite breathe new life into the Pirate archetype.

Last but not least, Edwin, Defias Kingpin is a four-cost 4/4 Legendary Rogue minion who’s also a Pirate. Edwin has a Battlecry that allows you to draw a card. If you play that card the turn it’s drawn, Edwin gains +2/+2 and you can repeat the effect.

You can test out all of these new Legendaries when the Deadmines mini-set goes live tomorrow, Nov. 2.