14 rare cards revealed from Hearthstone’s Deadmines mini-set

A lot of Pirates are flooding into classes that normally don’t have them.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has introduced 14 new cards from Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind mini-set, Deadmines, today.

Proving Grounds, Jerry Rig Carpenter, Moonlit Guidance, Doggie Biscuit, Deepwater Evoker, Arcane Overflow, Righteous Defense, Wealth Redistributor, Copycat, Parrrley, Suckerhook, Hullbreaker, Blacksmithing Hammer, and Multicaster were revealed on the game’s official Twitter account.

Proving Grounds is a six-mana Demon Hunter spell that summons two minions from your deck and has them immediately fight afterward. This effect brings up interesting implications since you can either aim to activate two powerful Deathrattle abilities instantly or two high-value minions with low attack stats, keeping them on the board. Alternatively, pulling Dormant minions will protect them from each other.

Jerry Rig Caprenter is a two-mana 2/1 Druid Pirate minion that draws a Choose One spell and splits it in half. This can be useful for tutoring out specific spells from your deck and being able to guarantee you’ll activate a vital portion of its ability.

Moonlit Guidance is a two-mana Druid Arcane spell that lets you Discover a copy of a spell from your deck. If you to play it on the same turn, the original is drawn too. While playing this spell is better in the late game to draw an additional copy, playing Moonlit Guidance allows you to improve your odds of finding a specific spell.

Doggie Biscuit is a two-mana Tradeable Hunter spell that gives a minion +2/+3. If you traded the biscuit away first, the buff will also give the friendly minion Rush in addition to those stats. 

Deepwater Evoker is a four-mana 3/4 Mage Pirate minion that draws a spell from your deck. Afterward, you gain Armor equal to the drawn spell’s cost. This minion looks to push Big Spell Mage forward, which has been non-existent due to the popularity of Quest Mage.

Arcane Overflow is a five-mana Mage Arcane spell that deals eight damage to an enemy minion. If excess damage is dealt, a Remnant with stats equal to that excess will be summoned.

Righteous Defense is a three-mana Holy Paladin Spell that sets a minion’s Attack and Health to 1/1. Afterward, a random minion in your hand will be given the stats that were lost.

Wealth Redistributor is a five-mana 2/8 Paladin Pirate minion with Taunt and a Battlecry that swaps the Attack of the highest and lowest minions. If your opponent only has one minion with a strong power total, the Wealth Redistributor can provide a huge tempo swing.

Copy Cat is a three-mana 3/4 Priest Beast minion with a Battlecry that adds a copy of the next card your opponent plays to your hand. This card brings interesting disruption since it can make your opponent temporarily avoid playing a high-value card so they don’t hand one over to you.

Parley is a one-mana Rogue spell that swaps this card for one in your opponent’s deck. While this card could bring hilarious disruption, it’s unlikely to snipe a high-value card in your opponent’s deck.

Suckerhook is a four-mana 3/6 Shaman Pirate minion that transforms your weapon into one that costs one more mana at the end of each of your turns. This is the first time a weapon transformation effect has been added to the game, meaning Deathrattles won’t trigger.

Hullbreaker is a four-mana 4/3 Warlock Demon minion with a potent ability that activates as both a Battlecry and Deathrattle. When triggered, you draw a spell and damage is dealt to your hero equal to its cost. This builds upon the Quest Warlock archetype. Even outside of Seed Warlock, drawing two cards is a powerful ability when attached to a four-mana 4/3 minion.

Blacksmithing Hammer is a four-mana 5/1 Warrior weapon with the Tradeable keyword. Whenever the hammer is traded away, it gains two extra Durability. Similar to the Doggie Biscuit, while trading it away makes it a potent card, trying to find it after sending it to your deck can be a difficult task.

Multicaster is a four-mana 3/4 Neutral Pirate that draws a card for each different spell school you’ve managed to cast throughout the game. While most Quest Mage builds aim to keep the deck purely spell-based, this Pirate has the potential to draw multiple cards.

The Deadmines mini-set will be released on Nov. 2. Players can purchase the mini-set and receive a full set for either $14.99 or 2,000 gold. Players who are unable to buy the mini-set will be able to find these cards within their United in Stormwind packs next month.