Xbox Series X reportedly set to launch Nov. 10 for $499

The next-gen console prices are finally being shown.

Image via Microsoft

Just hours after the first Xbox Series S images leaked, a report from Microsoft-focused publication Windows Central revealed the alleged launch date and prices for both the Series X and S. 

The new consoles will launch on Nov. 10, according to the report, with the Series X going for $499 and the Series S coming in at the previously leaked $299. 

We already knew that the Series X was going to cost more due to running high-end specs comparable to that of some gaming PCs. The Series S is going to be the smaller, more cost-effective variant of the console for players who want to enjoy next-gen without shelling out a premium price. 

This carries over Microsoft’s last-gen business model, with the Series X taking the role of the Xbox One X. The Series S will be the entry-level next-gen console with some cutbacks on the technology inside, reminiscent of the Xbox One S. Meaning if you want 4K resolution and 60 FPS to be your standard for new games, the Series X is the way you will want to go with your purchase. 

A leaked promo video showed that the Series S will be roughly small enough to fit inside a Series X console, with a set of vents being set on the side of the smaller console to provide enough airflow. 

According to Windows Central, Microsoft will also be pushing the Xbox All Access financing service heavily at the launch of its new consoles, which will let buyers pay off their next-gen machines via monthly payments. Series X will be $35 per month on an All Access plan, while the Series S will be closer to $25.

Xbox is expected to showcase all of this information officially in an event planned for later this month, with new additions to Xbox Game Pass also being featured.

Update Sept. 8 2:20pm CT: Following the leak, Microsoft made the Series S price official by posting a new image of the console on the main Xbox Twitter account.

The company also confirmed that it would be the smallest Xbox ever, with more information to come soon.