Xbox Series X features fast load times, quick resume

Speed is the name of the game in next gen.

Image via Xbox

Xbox has revealed some videos that show off the power of the Xbox Series X, the new console that’s scheduled to release this winter.

After revealing the full list of specs for the powerful console, Xbox touted some of its newest and most important features that show off its speed.

First up is a tech demo of the “Quick Resume” feature. You’ll no longer have to close out of a game to play another one. You can simply resume suspended states of multiple games at once.

The video shows the player enjoying some Forza Motorsport 7, but then pausing and switching to Ori and the Blind Forest, picking up where they left off. But then the player switches to The Cave, and then Hellblade; Senua’s Sacrifice, and then State of Decay 2, all without closing out of any of the other titles.

The second video shows off the Series X’s load times compared to the Xbox One X—and there’s a stark difference. The Series X loads up State of Decay 2 in about 10 seconds, whereas the Xbox One X takes around a whopping 50 seconds before the game can be played.

This is all done via the new solid-state drive and what Xbox is calling Xbox Velocity Architecture, “which features tight integration between hardware and software and is a revolutionary new architecture optimized for streaming of in game assets. This will unlock new capabilities that have never been seen before in console development, allowing 100 GB of game assets to be instantly accessible by the developer.”

The above video also shows off one of the Series X’s big selling points, which is backward compatibility. Xbox says all of the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games will play better on Xbox Series X.

You can read all about the Xbox Series X’s tech and specs on Xbox’s website.