Xbox Series X error codes list: What they mean and how to fix them

Find solutions to these common Xbox Series X error codes.

Image via Microsoft

The Xbox Series X console may present error codes that affect your next-generation gaming experience. Some of these error codes result from simple errors that can be fixed by following a few easy steps. Before you fix the error codes, you need to understand what each code means.  

Error 0x87e10007

This error code on your Xbox Series X occurs when a game is not compatible with the console you have.  

Whenever this error code pops up, it’s because the Xbox Series X does not support the specific game you are trying to launch. 

The simple solution to this problem is finding a game compatible with the new Xbox Series X. You can find a list of compatible titles on the official Xbox website

Error code 0x87e1000F 

Getting this code informs you that the game you are trying to launch requires Kinect sensors. 

Plug in a Kinect sensor into your console. Doing this will enable you to play should clear the error code. However, you must restart the Xbox Series X before relaunching your game. 

Error code 0x80010108     

This error code can result from the console encountering an unexpected error or an issue with Xbox services. 

Check the Live status on your gaming console. You may have to be patient while the service you want to use becomes available again. If all services are up and running, you can then try using the Live feature again. 

Persistence pays when handling this issue. So, keep retrying because, in some incidences, there may be something interfering with the game’s normal actions. 

Alternatively, you can restart the Xbox Series X. Please press and hold the Xbox button on the controller to open the power options. Select the Restart Console option.

Alternatively, try long-pressing your console’s power button for about ten seconds.

Another issue that causes this error is corrupted game data. The solution is usually uninstalling the game then reinstalling it. 

Fixing error code 0x80010108 by reinstalling the game 

Open the guide, on the following menu, locate My Games. You will then follow the interface’s instructions until you get to the games. 

Highlight the desired game for uninstallation. Next, press the Menu button and select the Uninstall function. 

After the desired game is uninstalled, you must restart your console. 

Get back to the Games interface on your Xbox Series X console. On the Ready to Install screen, choose the title of the game you previously uninstalled. 

After commanding it to install, you will see a bar showing you the progress. After reinstallation, you should be able to launch and play the game. 

Fixing error code 0x80010108 by Xbox series X reset 

The only solution left to try might be resetting the Xbox, which results in the operating system’s reinstallation. The key determinant of how long the process takes is your network. A stronger or wired network connection may aid in a faster installation speed. 

How to fix 0x87c40000 error code

You may encounter this error code while using the social features on the Series X. The error code is caused by Xbox Live having difficulties exchanging data with your Xbox Series X. 

Go back to the Home screen and wait for a few minutes before attempting the action again.

The 0x87de0017, 0x87e107d1, 0x87e107d7, 0x87e107ed, 0x87e10804, 0x87E00011, 0x87e10804, and 0x97e10804 error code combination 

These error codes will pop up when downloading content to your console. Receiving one of these codes means your console cannot download the desired content from Microsoft Store. 

Locate the My Games and Apps option from your console’s Home screen. Select the See All option, then click on Queue. Click on the application you intend to download. 

A notification that tells you whether the application is paused or queued will appear. Resume the installation process by pressing the Menu button. 

If this doesn’t resolve the error codes, check the Xbox service status. 

Error code 0x87e0012d 

This error code is another result of Xbox Live difficulties, or an unexpected error.

Check for alerts on the Xbox Series X status. If there are any, wait until the service is available again. 

Allow a whole minute to pass before you try playing again. This method works if a transient issue brings about difficulties. 

If waiting a moment doesn’t solve the issue, reset your Xbox Series X. Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller to turn off the console. 

A deep restart may be needed if a standard restart doesn’t do the trick. Long-press the power button on Xbox Series X for about ten seconds. 

Release the button and let the console rest for ten more seconds. The final step is pressing the Xbox button on your controller to power on your console. 

You may also uninstall and reinstall the game you have been trying to play. From the Home screen, select My Games and Apps, then click See All. Highlight the game you are trying to play.

On your controller, press the Menu button. You will be prompted to uninstall all. 

Restart your Xbox Series X by pressing and holding the Xbox button on the controller.  Download, install, and launch the desired game.   

The final solution is resetting the whole Xbox Series X console to its factory settings. 

Error code 0xc0000189

Receiving Error Code 0xc0000189 means that your console is experiencing unexpected interference with normal functionality or an issue with Xbox Live. 

Restart your console by long-pressing the Xbox button for a couple of seconds, then selecting the Restart Console option. 

An alternative is performing a power cycle on the gaming equipment. Long-press the Xbox button until the Xbox powers off. Repeat the action this action to power up the console. A green boot-up animation indicates successful power cycling. If the boot-up animation does not play, you’ll have to repeat the process.

Error code 0x803f9007 

This error code has three meanings. First, you have not inserted your game disc into the Xbox. Second, you have not signed in to the Xbox Live feature after downloading your game. The third meaning is an expired game trial. 

Begin troubleshooting by inserting the game disc before attempting to play again. Double-check that you are signed into Xbox Live. Next, if the issue was not signing into Xbox Live, be sure you’ve signed in with the profile used to purchase the game. 

If the above steps don’t resolve the error code, you may be using an expired game trial.

Error code 0x80BD000B

Xbox allows you a certain number of times that you can change a console to your home Xbox. If you receive this error code on your screen, it means you have already used up your allotted chances. 

You may try using a different console to serve as your home Xbox.

How to fix error code 0x803f800b

Whenever you receive this error code, it means that your subscription has expired. 

Review your payment information, and update it if necessary. Also, be sure to settle outstanding balances.

Error code 0x90072EE7

Getting this error code means your Xbox Series X was unable to load the intended content. 

On some occasions, error code 0x90072EE7 fixes itself. 

However, check your Xbox status. If there is a service outage, wait for the downed service to be available again. 

Alternatively, check your connection to the internet. If the internet connection is slow or unstable, restart your router. 

Error code 80070020

If you launch an already running application, this is the error code you will show up on your screen. 

Check for any alerts on the Xbox service status. You may have to wait until a downed service is back online. 

You can also try to close and open the application again. Being this process by pressing the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide. 

A mini-guide will pop up on the left side of the screen. Highlight the application, press the Menu button on your controller, then click Quit. Now relaunch the application. 

You can also try restarting the console to resolve the error code.