Here’s Dr Disrespect’s streaming setup

Model your setup after the Two Time's.

Photo via MLG

There are few streamers who have the production quality that rivals that of Dr Disrespect. His stream theatrics and skits make him one of the most popular influencers on Twitch, despite not having as much airtime or as many hours watched as some other streamers. 

It’s not easy putting together the sort of entertainment that the Two-Time does, so you can imagine he’s vigilant when selecting gear for his streaming setup.

Whether it’s his timelessly iconic red and black headphones or the new gear he started using in partnership with ROCCAT, the Doc lines himself up with sponsors that will help him put together quality streams.

Here are some of the items that make Dr Disrespect’s setup unique. 

Mouse: ROCCAT Kain 200 AIMO

Dr Disrespect recently revealed a partnership with German gaming gear company ROCCAT and began using the brand’s Kain mouse. The wireless mouse comes in both black and white, boasting 16,000 DPI and can be used for up to 50 hours with one charge. The piece also features ROCCAT’s “Titan Click” mouse buttons that were designed to optimize your experience while clicking mouse one and mouse two.

Keyboard: ROCCAT Vulcan

Following his move to ROCCAT, Dr Disrespect ditched his Razer BlackWidow Chroma keyboard in favor of the Vulcan 121. The sleek mechanic keyboard comes in three colors and features two key styles, linear and tactile. With a grainy finish on an anodized aluminum plate, the keyboard is built to last and uses ROCCAT’s “Titan Switch” technology.

Headset: Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero

Maybe the most important piece of Dr Disrespect’s setup is his headset. The Two-Time has been working with Turtle Beach for years and is rarely seen anywhere without his signature red and black Elite Atlas Aero headphones on or around his neck. While his customized version isn’t available on Turtle Beach’s website, the brand has an all-black option for the headset as well as other products that the Doc has popularly endorsed.


While many influencers have started to use 2080 graphics cards, Dr Disrespect has seen the light and opted to turn around. Following the release of the 2080 cards, he posted on Twitter saying “firm handshake” to the product. 

But months later, the brand noticed that he was using a 1080 TI and offered to upgrade it. Exchanging yet another “firm handshake” on Twitter, Dr Disrespect told them that he enjoys using the 1080, but added that NVIDIA should give out a 2080 to a random fan and “let them feel the power.”

Microphone: Shure SB7B

The sound of Dr Disrespect’s confidence is proliferated through a Shure SM7B. Like many other top-caliber content creators, the Doc relies on Shur’s dynamic-style cardioid mic that’s made to optimally capture his voice whether he’s yelling at noob gamers or singing a victory song. 

The mic’s detachable windscreen often sneaks its way into the view of Dr Disrespect’s face cam, but the premium product helps to reduce distortion and capture every moment of Doc’s stream.

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