Hackers threaten Nvidia with release of software to kill limiters

LHR limiters may have a limited shelf life.

Image by Nvidia

Last week Nvidia was hit with a ransomware attack that affected multiple internal systems at the company. Hacker group LAPSUS$ has since claimed responsibility, stating that they’ve stolen a terabyte of data from Nvidia that they’re now threatening to leak. They’ve also claimed to have looted data including drivers that could completely remove Nvidia’s LHR limiter. Removal of the limiter would allow the 3000 series GPUs to effectively be used for crypto mining.

Recently a software tool for removing the LHR was shown off and set to release, but the GitHub page was removed after it was shown to install malware on users computers. It’s unclear if this was related at all to the actions by the hacking group.

In an even more bizarre turn of events the group claims that Nvidia has hacked them in retaliation, while unconfirmed, it is unlikely that this sort of action would be taken by the corporation given the legal responsibilities it holds. Currently the thieves are offering the LHR limiter for sale while they wait for a response from Nvidia while claiming they are not state sponsored. Despite the current situation, Nvidia has not halted any operations as they continue their own investigation into the incident. So far the group has dumped 19GB of data that includes driver source code.