Can you play Naraka Bladepoint on Steam Deck?

Not yet.

Naraka Bladepoint
Image via 24 Entertainment

Naraka Bladepoint puts a refreshing spin on the battle royale genre with its melee-based combat. Instead of relying on guns like in Fortnite and Apex Legends, players primarily use swords, daggers, and other weapons for combat. There are some projectile weapons like crossbows and muskets, but they aren’t as effective as the hand-held alternatives against fast-moving players. Players can enjoy the game solo or in a team of three, and they’ll need to coordinate their attacks and balance their loot if they want to survive.

This game is currently incompatible with the Steam Deck, so players won’t be able to play it on the go. When checking whether Naraka Bladepoint is compatible with the new console on its Steam page, a message reads: “Valve’s testing indicates that Naraka Bladepoint is unsupported on Steam Deck. Some or all of this game currently doesn’t function on Steam Deck.” The message goes on to say that the game is “unsupported on the Steam Deck due to the use of an unsupported anti-cheat.”

Screengrab via Valve

Despite having the hardware to run most games, the Steam Deck is facing issues with games that require third-party anti-cheat software, with many of them being incompatible with its Linux-based SteamOS. Some games that use Easy Anti-cheat, like Apex Legends, are now working, but it seems like the Neacsafe software used by Naraka Bladepoint isn’t supported and doesn’t work.

It’s in Valve’s and publisher NetEase Games Montreal’s interest to get Naraka Bladepoint working on the Steam Deck, and hopefully, they’ll find a solution to run the anti-cheat software soon.

You can check which games in your Steam library are compatible with the Steam Deck by checking out the Great on deck or CheckMyDeck webpages.