Apple enables PlayStation DualSense and Xbox controller support in iOS 14.5 update

Game on the go.

Image via Microsoft

More than four months after the initial release of the next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, iPhone users finally have the ability to use remote play with their new controllers.

As part of iOS update 14.5, which was released globally earlier today, players can now connect their DualSense and next-generation Xbox controllers directly through Bluetooth.

This has been a feature that fans have been longing for since the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Apple promised that the feature would be coming, and after some time, it’s finally arrived.

Connecting the controllers is simple. For PlayStation DualSense users, simply hold the Share and PlayStation buttons simultaneously until the controller lights start to flash. At this point, navigate to the Bluetooth tab in your iPhone’s settings and select the controller from the available devices.

To connect the new Xbox controller, the process is similar. But to enable pairing, you’ll only be required to hold down the pair button.

Alongside this new feature, Apple’s iOS 14.5 update brings a bunch of other changes and additions. You can check out a full list of patch notes here