Luminosity Gaming enters Halo Infinite esports

The North American organization returns to Halo after four years.

Screengrab via Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming has announced its acquisition of a Halo Infinite roster ahead of the next HCS Major in Kansas City on April 29, marking a legendary return to the game’s esports scene since the organization withdrew from Halo at the beginning of 2018.

The Luminosity team consists of the four players previously playing under the UYU banners at HCS Anaheim in February, a team that achieved a top-12 finish at the event. Preston “CyKul” Sipes, Spencer “Piggy” Thomas, Jason “Karmea” Morales, and Neuronical make up the roster alongside Joshua “Mash” Mashlan remaining as the team’s coach.

While their track record of tournament performances doesn’t mirror the success of more prominent teams in Halo Infinite’s first six months of competition, they have proven to be a consistently competitive team at the top of the game’s amateur scene. At HCS Anaheim playing for UYU, they only narrowly fell to FNATIC in a five-game series and their top-12 finish put them ahead of the embattled Spacestation Gaming roster.

This surprising acquisition may be in part due to limited options available on the market and successful non-partnered organizations such as Kansas City Pioneers or Complexity Gaming have most likely been offered spots in the partnership program already. Luminosity’s choice of roster offers it a decent starting point in the resurgent Halo competitive scene with room to grow and develop the players under the guidance of a larger organization, however. With HCS Kansas City this weekend, Luminosity will quickly have a chance to prove why they picked up this roster, ideally taking home a decent share of the tournament’s $250,000 prize pool.

You’ll be able to catch the Luminosity Gaming Halo roster compete live at Kansas City on the Halo Twitch channel, as they fight through the open bracket for a chance at taking on the weekend’s championship bracket against the best of North America, Mexico, Australia, and Europe.

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