HWC Last Chance Qualifier Open Results

Here are the results from the HWC LCQ Open, hosted by Millennial Esports.

Image via Halo Waypoint

Today was the HWC Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) Open hosted by Millennial Esports. Sixty-four amateur teams duked it out in a single-elimination tournament, where the top-eight teams would clinch a spot at the LCQ Finals tomorrow. Here were the results. 

First: Second Nature

Not dropping a single game in this tournament, Second Nature’s pure dominance in this event sent a message to every team competing in the LCQ finals that they are not a club to be reckoned with. It will definitely be exciting to see what this squad brings tomorrow.

Second: SyA

SyA had a promising run in this tournament, defeating notable amateur team Carnage in the quarterfinals, then defeating Buttery Sausages in the semifinals, only to get blown out in the grand finals to Second Nature with a depressing 3-0 loss. Hopefully, this team doesn’t let that loss affect their mindset heading into tomorrow.

Third: Gosu Crew

Gosu Crew had a solid run in this tournament, being able to 3-0 Laser Beans in the quarterfinals, but was swept by Second Nature in the semifinals, sending them to the third place match against Buttery Sausages, which they won 4-1.

Fourth: Buttery Sausages

Buttery Sausages had a nail-bitingly close quarterfinals match against N2L, in which they narrowly won 3-2. This win, however, wouldn’t prepare them for their rough loss against SyA in the semifinals. They also lost to Gosu Crew 4-1 in the third place match, forcing them to settle for a fourth place finish.

Fifth: Carnage

Despite their long run in the open bracket, Carnage’s momentum would be cut short early in the top-eight bracket with a 3-1 loss to SyA. Hopefully, they will build off of this tournament to show up tomorrow with even more fire.

Sixth: N2L

N2L also got their top-eight run ended early, only their loss was much closer, with a heartbreaking 3-2 loss to Buttery Sausages. I’m sure this squad believes that they were capable of doing much better and hopefully they prove just that tomorrow.

Seventh: Laser Beans

Laser Beans had a very disappointing performance in their quarterfinals match, getting swept by Gosu Crew and showing little signs of hope. Hopefully, they can forget about that mind-numbing finish and focus solely on coming into the LCQ Finals with more preparation.

Eighth: Need Org

Need Org got wiped out in the quarterfinals by a fearsome Second Nature club with a 3-0 loss, ending their top-eight bracket run with an eighth place finish. This team will try to build off of this loss with a stronger performance next time.

What did you think about the LSQ Open?

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