How to level up the Halo Infinite multiplayer battle pass

Get leveled up.

Screengrab via Halo

The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta has been released, and it comes with the start of the first season of content, Heroes of Reach.

Players will have plenty of time to level up the battle pass for the first season of Halo Infinite, as it will last until May 2, 2022. That’s over five months of time to grind out the 100 levels of rewards available in the Heroes of Reach pass.

Here’s how you can quickly level up the first battle pass of Halo Infinite.

Complete daily and weekly challenges

This is the foundational method of acquiring experience needed to level up the battle pass. Early on, the challenges will be very basic, effectively just asking you to complete one or three matches across different game modes, like quick play, Big Team Battle, or Strongholds.

You can also view some of the future weekly challenges as well, from the Challenges tab on the battle pass page. This will include tasks that ask you to use specific weapons, as well as other challenges. Players can earn Challenge Swaps from the battle pass if they purchased the premium version.

Use XP boosts

Halo Infinite players can utilize XP boosts or grants to earn extra experience points or receive a flat amount of points at one time. Players can earn XP boosts from the premium battle pass.

Purchase the premium pass or battle pass levels

Premium battle pass owners can earn a little bit more experience per match played. But if you’ve got a limitless budget, you could buy each level one at a time for 200 in-game credits each. With 100 levels, this would require about 20,000 credits, which costs roughly $200.

You would get about 3,000 bonus credits by buying in bulk, which you could use to buy items from the store or some HCS-partnered team skins.