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An image of three guys staring at the abyss.
Image Via Rockstar Games

GTA Online: How to complete Superyacht Life Missions

An adventurous fusion of illicit activities and luxury.

Step into the world of luxury and conquer the seas with the Superyacht Life missions in Grand Theft Auto Online. In this high-stakes quest, you are assigned to go against a rival gang’s attempts to disrupt the balance through a series of less-than-legal activities.

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From extraction of cargo to killing a few folks, a total of six adrenaline-pumping missions are part of this quest which can be played with up to four players. And with the Weekly GTA Online update, there’s an added incentive—you can now earn a lucrative bonus of $100,000 per mission until May 15, making the rewards as enticing as the thrill of the chase itself.

How to access the Superyacht Life missions in GTA Online

As the name suggests, to play these missions, you must first reach millionaire status by purchasing the Galaxy Superyacht. Once the luxurious boat has been purchased, meet with the captain at the yacht’s bridge to begin the available mission. 

An image of a yacht with a helicopter flying over
Purchase the Super Galaxy yacht to begin the missions. Image Via Rockstar Games.

Alternatively, you can call the captain directly and request a job to initiate the quest. Both of these options are available as long as you haven’t completed the whole quest line before.

All Superyacht Life missions in GTA Online

Mission 1: Overboard

The first mission involves a group of thugs stealing the yacht’s jet skis and documents specifying that said yacht is a permanent resident of international waters.

Get on a jet ski and begin tracking down the thugs docked near the Vespucci Canals. Eliminate them and retrieve the docs. While doing this, you will also have a high Wanted level and run to save your life.

After dealing with the enemies, the captain will call again, alerting you that the thugs are part of a rival yacht club. You need to head over there and sink a total of 10 boats.

A guy riding a speed boat in front of a yacht.
A lot of boat riding. Image via Rockstar Games.

The last objective is to get rid of your high Wanted level, then the mission is completed.

Mission 2: Salvage

After the success of the first mission, Captain Brendan sends you to collect salvage from the sunken cargo ship near the yacht. To start the mission, speak with the captain and head over to the southern section of the boat. Dive into the water and follow the tracker as it leads you to the cargo.

While underwater, a distress call from Captain Brendan will let you know that he has been kidnapped. Worse, the cargo has been collected from the ship has been stolen. A new objective will pop up, asking you to save the man.

Proceed to the designated location on the map and discreetly eliminate all enemies. If you are detected, the kidnappers will execute the captain. Rescue the captain and rescue the goods to complete the mission.

Mission 3: All Hands

After the events of the second mission, an unknown party starts to set the Pacific Country Club members’ cars on fire, and it’s up to you to stop it.  To extinguish the fire, the captain will direct you to steal an airplane called Tula.

An image of a plane flying.
Steal the Tula. Image Via Rockstar Games

Head over to the Los Santos International Airport and eliminate the 10 coast guards patrolling the entrance. Using stealth can make things easier because getting caught will net you a two-star Wanted level. Simply board the Tula after clearing the guards.

After boarding the airplane, you will see eight water gauges on their HUD that require filling. To do so, land the aircraft on the water and wait until all tanks are filled. Then, proceed to the Country Club’s garage to extinguish the fire. Upon arrival, Kkangpae (the man responsible) and his goons will open fire on the plane, adding another challenge for you to overcome.

Extinguish the fire to receive a call from the captain, who tells you about another garage where Kkangpae’s men have set six more cars on fire. Fly the plane over there and extinguish this fire as well. This time, there is no need to fight anyone: Simply return to the yacht with the Tula after saving the cars to mark the mission complete.

Mission 4: Icebreaker

Captain Brendan formulates a plan to take revenge on Kkangpae and his men. The captain directs you to infiltrate the rival gang’s warehouse near the Cyprus flats by destroying 10 AC units.

This is a straightforward mission where you must destroy all the AC units while surviving the attacks of Kkangpae’s goons. Next, the captain will direct you to steal Benson, a product ready to be sold by the gang, and then to sell it directly to the buyer yourself.

Mission 5: Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is one of the most intense missions in the Superyacht life questline as it involves surviving three waves of Kkangpae’s men trying to hijack the Super Galaxy yacht in extremely unfavorable weather.

Due to the harsh weather, the yacht generators have malfunctioned, and the anti-aircraft systems have gone down with them. Using this as an advantage, enemies attack the yacht from sea and air alike. It’s up to you to stop them.

You will need heavy armor to withstand the three waves of enemy attacks. The yacht’s generators will reactivate after the first two, triggering the anti-aircraft system, which targets and destroys helicopters surrounding the yacht, making your life easier for the final showdown.

Mission 6: D-Day

Captain Brendan is fed up with Kkangpae and his gang, so he tasks you with eliminating the leader on his yacht. To avoid detection, he advises using a submarine to disarm the mines placed nearby.

A man driving a submarine underwater.
Use the submarine to reach Kkangpae. Image Via Rockstar Games.

Track the yacht and disarm any mines in the vicinity. Once the area is safe, board the ship and take care of Kkangpae and his crew. Expect the leader to flee via his helicopter onboard: Use the RPG to take it and finish GTA Online‘s Superyacht Life quest in style.

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