All new bosses and drops in Genshin Impact version 3.1

New bosses mean new drops to farm.

Image via HoYoverse

Genshin Impact’s upcoming version 3.1 update gives players more opportunities to venture through the vast lands of Sumeru—this time expanding into its deserts.

Not only will these deserts be home to the continuation of the Sumeru Archon Quest, delving more into the mysteries of the Akademiya and the Scarlet King, but players will have to triumph past multiple new enemies that they have not encountered in their exploration of Sumeru thus far. Many of these new enemies are machines that differ greatly from the appearance and battle prowess of the various Ruin-type machines players have grown accustomed to.

Among these new enemies are two debuting bosses that will reward players with large sums of character level-up materials—if they can survive waves of attack patterns that no boss in Genshin Impact has had before. Here is information on the new bosses debuting in version 3.1 on Sept. 28, as well as what they drop on defeat.

Aeonblight Drake

Image via HoYoverse

One of the new bosses that players will discover while venturing through newly-available areas of Sumeru is the Aeonblight Drake. This boss appears to be a larger, enhanced version of the Ruin Drakes, which were first added to the world of Teyvat alongside the introduction of Sumeru in version 3.0.

In the overview trailer for version 3.1, the traveler can be seen avoiding a barrage of lasers and missiles from the Aeonblight Drake, in a more sporadic pattern than a normal Ruin Drake. It uses a combination of attacks from both types of Ruin Drakes, meaning players should be wary of attacks from both land and air.

According to leaks prior to the official release of this new version, the Aeonblight Drake thrives in constantly changing its elemental resistance to match that of the last attack it was struck by. Therefore, players should attack using a variety of elements rather than just one, then take advantage of its exposed cores around its body to deal significant damage before it recovers.

Successfully defeating the Aeonblight Drake will spawn a Ley Line, which can be opened for 40 Original Resin. These Ley Lines will drop Cryo and Hydro gems of various sizes, as well as a new character level-up material known as Perpetual Calibers, which can be used on the upcoming Sumeru characters releasing in this version and beyond.

Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network

Image via HoYoverse

Deep in the desert of Sumeru lies this massive contraption with an even larger name, capable of controlling many of the machines scattered throughout the deserted lands. The brief trailer showcasing this new boss emphasizes its many tendrils that shoot lasers at enemies, attacking in large, unpredictable patterns with what appears to be Cryo damage.

Leaks state that this boss is capable of turning its weak point invisible, likely similar to the invisibility that various Fatui enemies use. Players need to prioritize elemental reactions using Electro to shake this machine out of its invisible state or else it will retaliate using a powerful attack that can potentially knock down a character from near-full health.

Like the Aeonblight Drake, this boss will drop new character level-up items for upcoming Sumeru characters in the form of Light Guiding Tetrahedrons. It will also give players a handful of Dendro and Pyro gems, with size depending on the level of the boss.

This article will be updated with the precise locations of these new bosses when that information becomes available.