Where to find the Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring

If you're a magic user then you'll want to make getting this weapon a high priority.

Image via FromSoftware

There are plenty of powerful weapons for players to use in Elden Ring but for those using magic one stands out among the best.

The Meteorite Staff is one of the most powerful magic weapons in the game and it’s even more useful due to the fact you can acquire it almost right at the beginning of your adventure.

For those casters looking to score an early buff, here is everything you’ll need to do to get your hands on the Meteorite Staff.

Where to find the Meteorite Staff

Image via MapGenie.io

Finding the Meteorite Staff can be done pretty much from the beginning of the game and should be one of the core goals for any caster.

First, make sure you have access to Torrent. This isn’t a necessity but it does speed things up a lot.

Now head to the Dragonburnt Ruins and work your way through the location taking out enemies until you can descend down the stairs. Take out the rats, open the door, and use the teleporter chest.

Once you activate the chest you’ll be teleported to Sellia Crystal Tunnel. From here, leave the mine heading further below ground. Once you escape the mine you’ll reach a foggy wasteland. From the exit stick to the right side wall of the ravine and follow the path until you get the Swamp of Aeonia title queue.

From here, keep progressing through to the Secret of Sages Ruin. On the opposite side of these ruins to where you had entered there should be a small room which includes a body for looting. If you have followed the directions successfully and find the body loot it to have the Meteorite Staff.