What time does Wordle reset daily?

Tick, tock.

Screengrab via Wordle

Wordle continues to bring in players from all corners of the world. The challenge of guessing a secret word every day for up to six tries and with the only days being the letters of words that have already been tried shows no signs of slowing down.

All players must guess the same word every day and only that word. This means that when the game ends, they have to wait until the next day to be able to play again. Many players like to play some of the alternative versions of Wordle to try new challenges and have extra fun. Some of the most famous are Dordle and Quordle which challenges players to guess more than one word at the same time.

But players who want the next experience in the original Wordle may wonder at what time of day exactly they can expect a new word to guess.

What time does Wordle reset daily?

Wordle is a recent game but it has had different moments, the main one being the acquisition by the New York Times. Some details on how it works have changed since its release, including how the game handles word resets.

In the past, each part of the world received a new word at a time according to its time zone. But now it’s much easier for players to know exactly when they can expect to receive a new word, or even when they can solve that day’s challenge.

Wordle resets daily at midnight local time.

This means that no matter what part of the globe you are in, you will always get a new word when your clock hits midnight.

This is because Wordle works entirely through the browser and with a timer based on the client side. That is, it is your time that matters for the game, not that of some server as in most other games with daily missions, for example.

In fact, as technologist Aaron Rieke pointed out on Twitter, you can even save a copy of the Wordle website to your computer and play it until your list of planned words runs out, every day until then. And yet, all the players would be playing the same game and trying to guess the same words.

If you’re just starting to play Wordle on a daily basis, a few tips and tricks can help you find the right answer more consistently.