How do you sprint in Elden Ring?

This is how you can sprint in Elden Ring.

Image via FromSoftware

Movement in Elden Ring is one of the biggest variables that can dictate if you will kill or be killed by enemies and bosses you come by on your journey through the Lands Between. And one of the most difficult mechanics to learn early on in Elden Ring is how to sprint in the game.

To do the actual sprint mechanic in Elden Ring, begin by moving your character. As the character is moving, hold your respective sprint button (that is your button for dodge on PC) and your character will eventually begin to sprint instead of just walking.

Your sprint button will be wherever you have your dodge or step back input. For Playstation that would be your O button, while it is the B button for Xbox players. A simple mechanic that drastically changes the tempo and speed of both the gameplay and flow of battles. The sprint is a very useful mechanic, though it can be tricky in certain situations.

For PC players, accidental dodges instead of a run are one of the most common mistakes when learning to utilize the running mechanic. A quick trick is to spend at least two seconds walking before you begin to hold the dodge button so that you can run. 

This will allow more consistency and leeway for the controls to recognize you want to run instead of dodge.

Now that you understand how the sprinting mechanic works, so much time will be saved in your playthrough that you can now use to search through the Lands Between, such as the Roundtable Hold.

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