What items should you buy from Kalé at the Church of Elleh in Elden Ring?

Don't overlook these useful items.

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Kalé is one of the first merchants you’ll encounter in Elden Ring in the Church of Elleh. This merchant has several items available for purchase, although understanding which items you should grab can be confusing.

We’ve gone through the available items and highlighted which ones you should grab before continuing on your journey. Here are the items you should buy from Kalé at the Church of Elleh.

  • Telescope: The Telescope isn’t a required purchase, but it does allow you to see locations far in the distance. This can help you figure out the next area you want to explore or scout for danger.
  • Cracked Pot: Cracked Pots are required for crafting certain items, which can significantly help you in the early game. 
  • Crafting Kit: The Crafting Kit is the item Kalé recommends you purchase when asked, and that’s for a good reason. This item allows you to craft several items that will help you survive the dangerous Lands Between.
  • Cookbooks: Kalé has three cookbooks available for purchase, and you should buy all three as soon as possible. These books allow you to craft new items, which will come in handy throughout the game. 
  • Torch: The Torch is a simple item that provides light in dark areas. It can also be used as a weapon and is especially deadly against enemies weak to fire. 
  • Notes: Kalé has two notes containing helpful information. Both notes are relatively cheap, so consider purchasing them for extra hints. 
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The rest of the items available for purchase are unnecessary or can be found by eliminating enemies. Consider saving your runes and only purchasing the items listed above, especially during the early game.