What do you do with the sewing needle in Elden Ring?

The Sewing Needle is needed for a quest.

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The Sewing Needle is an item you can find in Elden Ring that doesn’t appear to have any real use at first. This can be frustrating, especially as you receive it after beating the Demi-Human Chiefs in the Coastal Cave near the first site of grace you encounter. 

This item isn’t for your character and actually belongs to Boc, a demi-human that appears as a talking monkey. You can first encounter Boc south of the Agheel Lake North site of grace near the telescope on the map. Boc will call out to you, and you must hit a small yellow tree to remove the illusion. 

Screenshot via Dot Esports
Screenshot via Dot Esports

After talking to Boc twice, he will move to the Coastal Cave, where he can be found near the site of grace by the cave entrance. Defeat the Demi-Human Chiefs to retrieve the Sewing Needle and give it to Boc. You can also immediately give him the needle in this location if you’ve already defeated the boss. 

Giving Boc the Sewing Needle will continue his quest, and he’ll move to the Liurnia of the Lakes. The Sewing Needle will be removed from your inventory, but this isn’t an issue as it never did anything anyways. Optional boss fight, meaning you can return at any time to defeat them. Just remember that you can only get the Sewing Needle from these enemies, and this cave leads to the Church of Dragon Communion.