Valve confirms Index will be in stock before Half-Life: Alyx launch

Buying a system will be harder than expected.

Image via Valve

Half-Life: Alyx is the latest entry in the iconic Half Life series and will be exclusively available in VR. The highly anticipated game will work with most VR headsets but was designed to work best on Valve’s Index system. The coronavirus has impacted the amount of Index units available for consumers, but Valve has confirmed that fans will be able to purchase a unit before the game’s launch.

The coronavirus has affected gaming and esports across the world. Nintendo Switch console shortages are expected due to the outbreak, and several esport leagues have cancelled or postponed matches over safety concerns. Valve confirmed in an official statement to UploadVR that the virus impacted the production of Index systems and less units will be available than originally intended.

“The global coronavirus health crisis has impacted our production schedules so we will have far fewer units for sale during the coming months compared to the volumes we originally planned,” Valve wrote. “Our entire team is working hard right now to maximize availability.”

Valve’s Index system has been in high demand specially for the new Half-Life title but getting one will likely be a hassle. Players cannot currently purchase an Index from the Steam Store but do have the option to be notified when a unit is available. This does not guarantee a system however, since they are sold on a first-come-first serve basis.

Valve’s statement confirms they are working hard to make sure players can enjoy the new game on the Index system when it launches. Hopefully for fans of the series, the coronavirus will not negatively affect the launch of one of the most anticipated launches in gaming history.