Westballz and Axe picked up by Tempo Storm

Two top Super Smash Bros

Screengrab via Tourney Locator/YouTube

Two top Super Smash Bros. players have been picked up by a burgeoning esports organization as the scene continues to grow in popularity.

Tempo Storm, known for its Hearthstone presence, has been aggressively moving into new territory. It has now picked up Westin “Westballz” Dennis and Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson, two Melee players ranked in the top 10 based on Melee It On Me’s 2014 rankings.

Dennis is known for his incredibly punishing and relentless Falco. Dennis recently beat Joseph “Mango” Marquez at Mayhem in South Pasadena, California, coming up from the losers’ bracket. It was a daunting task, and Dennis had to beat Marquez two sets in a row to take the tournament, which he did.

Williamson is considered to be the best Pikachu player in North America. His movement with the character is highly creative and shows the level of talent he carries. Although he hasn’t been using Pikachu as frequently as higher-tier characters like Falco or Marth, it’s still a force to be reckoned with. 

In a statement, Dennis said: 

Tempo Storm is a team filled with exceptional players, unique personalities, and talent across the board. That sounds like home. My goal isn’t just to be one of the best, my goal is to put Tempo Storm at the top of competitive Melee. I couldn’t be more excited to be Tempo Storm’s bridge into Smash!

Williamson also gave a statement:

When I first started playing Melee, I never in my life thought I would come this far. All I really wanted was to try be the best I could be. Well, after playing competitively for nearly a decade, I’ve come to realize that there really is no limit to how good you can be if you put your mind to it. This is a game with endless possibilities, and the only thing holding you back is yourself. It has always been tough trying to hang with all of the best players when you have things like work and other obligations to stress about. Thanks to Tempo Storm though, I can now focus on improving myself more than ever. Needless to say, I am very happy and excited to be a part of the team!

With the competition in Melee becoming all the more fierce, it will be interesting to see if Dennis or Williamson can break into the top five.

H/T Tempo Storm