Nintendo unveils Mario Strikers: Battle League roster and opening cinematic

All of your favorites are back.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo has provided fans a new glimpse at Mario Strikers: Battle League ahead of its launch next month, revealing the roster of characters that will be available to play in the upcoming soccer game as well as its opening cinematic.

The opening cinematic highlights many of the game’s main cast members including Bowser, Yoshi, Peach, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, Luigi, and Toad. In this clip we see two teams facing off showcasing the different abilities available to both slow down your opposition and score points.

All of these characters feature in the lineup revealed by Nintendo UK alongside two more additions. Wario and Waliugu will both appear in Mario Strikers: Battle League alongside the previously mentioned characters.

If there are no secret characters to unlock, this means at launch the roster will include 10 options at launch. This does see some notable absences from the game including Daisy and Browser Jr. who have featured in other recent Mario games. Perhaps more characters will join the lineup as part of DLC post-launch.

Fans have exactly a months to wait until they get their chance to experience Mario Strikers: Battle League for themselves. The Switch title is set to launch digitally and in stores on June 10.