Nintendo says Switch is ‘still in middle phase of cycle,’ and next-gen concepts are being discussed

Another Nintendo console won't be here anytime soon.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo confirmed today that the Nintendo Switch is still in the middle phase of its cycle and that the organization is discussing concepts for its next console. 

As reported by David Gibson, during a Q&A session of a recent earnings call Nintendo stated the Switch is “in middle of phase cycle,” indicating a new console is relatively far away. The latest OLED Switch launched in October, and the “wide variety of software line-up” has maintained the console’s momentum. 

Nintendo also confirmed it is still “going through internal discussion” for the concept of the company’s next console. The company also confirmed it is working on the timing for the next console, which likely won’t appear anytime soon. 

The Nintendo Switch has consistently received updates and new titles since it launched in March 2017. Fans can now enjoy the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, introducing several Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games. This new service alongside new releases has piqued user interest, and it is unlikely the console will dip in popularity anytime soon. 

The ongoing chip shortage caused Nintendo to produce 20 percent fewer Switch consoles this fiscal year, which might make it more difficult for fans to find a console for the time being. Regardless, the next Nintendo console is still a long way away, so enjoy your Switch and don’t panic if you can’t find one currently.