How do you unlock Moments of the Month Ja Morant in NBA 2K22

Bolster your ranks.

Screengrab via 2K Games

The newest Moments of the Month players are here in NBA 2K22, featuring a whopping 25 Agendas. Players will once again need to clear out all the objectives to unlock the player rewards, including the superstar of the month.

The latest batch features a 99 OVR Dark Matter Ja Morant, who has been performing exceptionally well throughout February. He’s averaged 33 points during the month. The Agenda that players need to go through comes in different tiers, and you’ll receive a Player Pick each time you complete a tier.

Here’s how you can unlock Moment of the Month Ja Morant in NBA 2K22.

Ruby Tier

  • Make five dunks in a game
  • Play a Multiplayer game
  • Score 30 points with a player in a game
  • Win a Challenge game
  • Win a Triple Threat Offline game

Reward: 89 OVR Moments Rewards Ruby Cedi Osman, Tyus Jones, Cameron Payne, Jalen Smight, or Herbert Jones.

Amethyst Tier

  • Get 15 rebounds with Moment Rewards Jalen Smith over multiple games
  • Get 17 assists with Moment Rewards Cameron Payne in a game
  • Score 22 points with Moment Rewards Cedi Osman over multiple Triple Threat Offline games
  • Score 25 points and get two rebounds with Moment Rewards Herbert Jones in a game
  • Score 27 points with Moment Rewards Tyus Jones in a game

Reward: 91 OVR Moments Rewards Amethyst Tre Mann, Jaxson Hayes, Isaiah Roby, Jakob Poeltl, Cameron Thomas.

Diamond Tier

  • Get 17 rebounds with Moment Rewards Jako Poeltl over multiple games
  • Score 22 points and shoot 100 percent FG with Moment Rewards Jaxson Hayes in a game
  • Score 26 points and get two blocks with Moment Rewards Isaiah Roby in a game
  • Score 30 points and get four assists with Moment Rewards Cameron Thomas in a game
  • Score 30 points with Moment Rewards Tre Mann over multiple Multiplayer games

Reward: 94 OVR Moments Rewards Diamond Cameron Johnson, Wendell Carter, Keldon Johnson, Gary Payton, Reggie Jackson.

Pink Diamond Tier

  • Get 18 rebounds with Moment Rewards Wendell Carter Jr. over multiple Multiplayer games
  • Get six steals with Moment Rewards Gary Payton II over multiple games
  • Make nine three pointers with Moment Rewards Cameron Johnson over multiple Multiplayer games
  • Score 32 points and get seven rebounds with Moment Rewards Keldon Johnson in a game
  • Score 36 points with Moment Rewards Reggie Jackson over multiple Triple Threat or Triple Threat Online games

Reward: 96 OVR Moments Rewards Pink Diamond Tyrese Haliburton, Brandon Ingram, Dejounte Murray, Nikola Vucevic, PD CJ McCollum.

Dark Matter Tier

  • Get 16 assists with Moment Rewards Tyrese Haliburton over multiple Multiplayer games
  • Get a triple-double with Moment Rewards Dejounte Murray in a game
  • Score 33 points with Moment Rewards Brandon Ingram over multiple Triple Threat Online games
  • Score 36 points and get THREE blocks with Moment Rewards Nikola Vucevic in a game
  • Score 38 points with Moment Rewards C.J. McCollum over multiple Multiplayer games

Reward: 99 OVR Dark Matter Ja Morant.