Do you need Nintendo Switch Online for Nintendo Switch Sports?

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Image via Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Sports has arrived, bringing with it a host of sports and ways to play that are sure to excite owners of the original Wii Sports.

Players can play by themselves or with their friends in six sports, including tennis, soccer, and more. Of course, there are additional ways to play this time, though, thanks to the inclusion of an online system.

This is the first Nintendo Sports title to have online play. That brings with it a bunch of questions about what is needed to take part in the fun.

Is Nintendo Switch Online required for online multiplayer in Nintendo Switch Sports?

While you don’t need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play the game’s local modes, you do need a Nintendo Switch Online account to play the bulk of the game.

This includes online multiplayer, as well as customization options for your characters that are unlocked online and most of the meat that the game has to offer. While this is the norm with most Nintendo Switch online multiplayer games, locking most of the game’s content behind online play could be a controversial decision.