Early access for NBA 2K23: Can you play NBA 2K23 early?

Fans are already camping outside of basketball arenas.

Image via 2K Games

It’s that time of the year when all the sports titles get their yearly refresh, and NBA 2K23 is up next. The latest addition to the franchise will make its debut on Sept. 9, and fans who have purchased the game are already preloading it ahead of the release.

Considering the storage space required to install NBA 2K23, it’ll be a wise idea to download it before the launch to avoid dealing with crowded servers.

Each year, NBA 2K23 takes its place on physical and digital shelves with multiple versions. While the base game is often the most common choice amongst players, other Editions like Dreamer come with additional perks.

In other sports franchises, purchasing one of the premium bundles grant players early access to the titles, and fans wonder whether that’s the case for NBA 2k23.

Can you play NBA 2K23 early via early access?

Regardless of your bundle, you can’t play NBA 2K23 early. Unlike other sports titles, the NBA 2K franchise doesn’t organize early access.

If you’ve purchased one of the premium bundles, you’ll need to wait for Sept. 9 to be able to play NBA 2K23.

Though 2K games haven’t mentioned an official time for the release, the game generally goes live in the early hours of Sept. 9 on players’ local time. It can even launch earlier sometimes, meaning it may be a decent idea to check that play button hourly close to the release date.

When the game goes live for your region, you should be able to launch the game and start your journey in your preferred NBA 2K23 mode without any issues.