NBA 2K23 preload and unlock times

When the clock strikes midnight, NBA 2K23 will unlock.

Image via 2K Games

NBA 2K23 is set for a Sept. 9 release. With the number of confirmed player ratings increasing, fans are hyped to start another NBA 2K year. The first official NBA 2K23 gameplay footage showcased the Jordan Challenge and the new stamina bar.

In the Jordan Challenge, players will relive legendary games from Michael Jordan’s career, where they’ll also be tasked with completing certain challenges. Though some of the challenges may look difficult, knowing that Jordan has actually done them in real life can be all the motivation you need to get them done.

Considering new additions to the game, the release day is likely to be as hectic as ever, meaning lots of players will be rushing into the servers. If you’re looking to shoot some hoops on Sept. 9, the best course of action will be to download the game beforehand.

NBA 2K23 preload time

Preloading for NBA 2K23 started on Sept. 4, meaning it should be downloadable on your gaming platform of choice. Players on the latest generation of consoles, Series X|S and PS5, will be looking at download sizes of more than 142 GB, while NBA 2K23 is around 40 to 50 GB on the previous generation of consoles.

NBA 2K23 unlock time

Players won’t have immediate access to NBA 2K23 after preloading it. The game will remain unavailable for play until it unlocks, which happens during the official release.

2K Games hasn’t made an official announcement regarding unlocking times, but NBA 2K titles generally start unlocking close to midnight in players’ local time. This means that the unlocks will depend on your timezone. Fans in the North American Central Time Zone, for example, can expect NBA 2K23 to unlock around 11pm CT on Sept. 8 to 12am CT on Sept. 9.