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You can ride Stormtrooper blaster fire in Fortnite to soar across the map

It looks like their aim isn't that bad.

Image via Epic Games

The iconic Stormtroopers from the Star Wars universe may not have awful aim after all since it’s possible to fly across the map using blaster fire in Fortnite

Epic Games introduced the Stormtroopers and their blasters in the Fortnite x Star Wars event that began yesterday, despite the Stormtrooper skin being a part of Fortnite since November. Stormtroopers patrol the map holding the First Order Blaster Rifle, which players can obtain for themselves. 

The Stormtroopers shoot players using their Blaster Rifle if they get close. But if you’re unlucky, they may shoot you across the map if you attack them from above. One Reddit user met this unfortunate fate recently. 

The player tried to attack the Stormtroopers from the high ground, but like in the movies, it didn’t work out. The Stormtrooper’s shot connected with the player, but instead of eliminating them, it sent them soaring across the map. The player eventually landed and died.

This was likely due to the same mechanic that allows players to ride sniper bullets. The player model has to perfectly align with the sniper bullet to get caught in its trajectory. The speed of the bullet doesn’t slow down, however, so players can fly across the map at breakneck speeds. 

But considering this is extremely difficult to pull off, players should be free to attack Stormtroopers without caution, especially if they’re wielding a Lightsaber.