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Where to find the First Order Blaster Rifle in Fortnite

Fans will need to kill Storm Troopers to become one.

Image via Epic Games

While most players are going to be swinging lightsabers around, the light sword weapons weren’t the only weapon added following the Fortnite X Star Wars event. 

If you’re more of a Storm Trooper than a Jedi, you can also find some of the First Order’s Blaster Rifle if you look in the right places on the map. 


Unlike the lightsabers, you won’t find any blasters just sitting in a chest for you to collect. There are only two ways to get one of the overpowered guns, but both are pretty simple. 

Your first option is finding any of the Storm Troopers that have landed and started patrolling the map after crashing into Fortnite. If you can take these soldiers down, there is a chance that they will drop their blaster for you to add to your arsenal. 

And in typical Star Wars fashion, it isn’t very hard to take even multiple of the “armored” troopers out. Just be careful that you don’t let another player blindside you while you are trying to get your new gun. 

Outside of finding a random group of Storm Troopers and taking them out, you can also capture various TIE Fighter crash sites to get a Blaster Rifle. If you clear out the troopers guarding the site, they also have a chance to drop their weapons. 

Basically, you have to kill a Storm Trooper to become one, but the blaster is worth the effort. 

All of the Star Wars related items will only be available until Dec. 22, so you better start blasting those Rebels now.