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There’s no new Fortnite map coming for the event Ninja will play on

Event organizer Samsung confirmed it's a Creative island, not a new Battle Royale map.

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There’s no new Fortnite: Battle Royale map debuting at the Fortnite x Galaxy event that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is going to in New York City, Samsung has revealed.

Ninja said yesterday during his livestream that he was going to play on a brand-new Fortnite map with K-pop group iKON at an event on March 16. Samsung clarified his statement later on Twitter saying community creator Bludrive “is designing a new Fortnite Creative Island for the upcoming Samsung event.”

This means there’s no new Battle Royale map coming, and Ninja will play in a Creative island.

This was expected, though. Fortnite has been around for over a year, and developer Epic Games has never talked about releasing more maps for the battle royale title like developers of other games in the genre have (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, for instance). Instead, Epic modifies the Battle Royale island during the season and makes huge changes after the season ends.

The improvement of Creative also allows the company to let players design their own additional maps and play new modes in new arenas exactly the way they wanted them to be. That’s probably why the Creative island to be featured at the Fortnite x Galaxy event was made.

Most fans who got excited about it are probably disappointed by now, but the good news is that it means they might get to try the Creative map at some point during or after the event. As soon as Epic or Samsung provide an Island Code for the map, all players can have access to it and play there with their friends.