Ninja will play on a new Fortnite map later this month | Dot Esports

Ninja will play on a new Fortnite map later this month

It's not clear if it's going to be a permanent addition to the game, however.

Screengrab via Ninja

Epic Games’ Fortnite and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins come as a pair. The two have fed off of each other and grown together as one.

Although Ninja isn’t affiliated with Epic, he has a strong relationship with the company. He doesn’t attend board meetings or anything like that, but he definitely has some level of inside knowledge. He’s in the know, and his relationship with Epic is only growing as the battle between Fortnite and Apex Legends unfolds.

On his stream earlier today, Ninja revealed some exclusive Fortnite news. The No. 1 streamer on Twitch, boasting over 13 million followers and thousands of subscribers, is apparently scheduled to play Fortnite with K-pop group iKON. And perhaps most importantly, the event that’s set to kick off in New York on March 16 will be played on a brand-new Fortnite map.

“A brand new map, exclusive to Fortnite,” Ninja said on stream. “That’s right, a brand new map, literally built for this event.”

It hasn’t been confirmed when the map will go live and it’s not clear if it will be available to play for everyone. It could just be a one-off test map for Ninja to try out—but either way, it’s going to be showcased in full effect soon.

In addition to the potential new map, Ninja also uncovered a new skin and emote that will only be available for Samsung S10 owners. It looks like the South Korean telecom company has made a deal with Epic, resulting in a new set of Fortnite collectables.

But Fortnite fans will definitely be interested to see what “brand new map” Ninja will be playing on March 16.