The double barrel shotgun is Fortnite's first unvaulted weapon for Winterfest - Dot Esports

The double barrel shotgun is Fortnite’s first unvaulted weapon for Winterfest

Happy holidays, now go blow people away.

Image via Epic Games

Get ready to destroy enemies and their builds in Fortnite today with the game’s first Winterfest unvaulted weapon: the double barrel shotgun.

To celebrate Winterfest, Epic Games will make one vaulted weapon available per day, and the lucky first one to enter back into the wild is one of the game’s most notorious weapons.

The double barrel wreaked havoc in Fortnite when it was available in 2018, first being introduced on Aug. 7. It was eventually vaulted a few months later on Dec. 6.

The shotgun has terrible range, but absolutely decimates anything within a few feet, including players and builds. It’s especially strong at shredding builds with the potential to one-shot walls depending on the material used.

Thankfully (or sadly, depending on where you stand on the double barrel), it’ll be back in the vault tomorrow and a new weapon will be unvaulted for the winter celebration.

Fortnite players should be on their toes throughout the duration of Winterfest because the meta could be changing on a day-to-day basis.