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Lachlan and Epic to host $20,000 Fortnite Fashion Show

Strut your stuff, gamers.

Image via @LachlanYT

Lachlan has partnered with Epic Games for a $20,000 Fortnite Fashion Show, the YouTuber announced today.

Fashion shows became a thing in Fortnite during the extended season one of Chapter Two when content drops were sparse. Now, it’s become an official competition with a big prize pool.

Epic and Lachlan will also be giving away 500 Slurp Legends cosmetic packs. The competition will be of the trios variety, so only teams of three need to apply.

Fashion shows reward creativity to players who are able to come up with interesting outfit combinations from whatever is in their Fortnite locker. This includes skins, back blings, and pickaxes.

Lachlan says that it also “doubles up as more of a talent show” with three performance rounds and one fashion round, so players will need to get creative with emotes and emote combinations, too.

You can learn more about the competition and sign up on the official entry form here. First place will take home $9,000, so $3,000 per player.