Epic Games could explore adding a respawn mechanic to Fortnite

This would drastically change the way Fortnite is played.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games might be working on a way to introduce a game-changing mechanic to Fortnite: Battle Royale in the future.

Epic developers were answering the questions of Fortnite fans in a Reddit AMA post yesterday. One fan asked if a respawn mechanic would be introduced to Fortnite—and Epic producer RZElive gave a pretty surprising answer.

Screengrab via Reddit.com/r/FortNiteBR

“We’ve been considering this mechanic for a while and have been exploring it,” RZElive said. “[We] want to make sure we give it the time it needs and fully understand its impact on the game as a whole. Look for further updates during season eight.”

Although it doesn’t sound like a respawn mechanic will be introduced to Fortnite in the immediate future, it’s interesting to learn that Epic has at least been discussing and exploring the option.

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Of course, smash-hit battle royale game Apex Legends features a respawn mechanic that allows you to revive any teammates who have died in battle—so Epic could be interested in implementing a similar mechanic as a way to entice Apex players to return to Fortnite.

RZElive said to look for further updates on a potential respawn mechanic “during season eight,” which likely means that Epic won’t introduce a massive change like this at the start of the season. Season eight will begin on Feb. 28—so more information on this topic might become available in March or April.

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