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All leaked skins and cosmetics coming to Fortnite v19.10

These cosmetics should release soon.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Whenever a new patch comes along, data miners dig into the game files to discover items, skins, and other cosmetics that have been added to the game but are set to be released at a later time. Sometimes game files might include hints and clues about future events and other exciting changes that might be about to happen. 

Fortnite is known for its high number of different types of cosmetics, such as pickaxes, back blings, skins and emotes. There are more than 1,000 unique skins in the game, with new ones added regularly. While other players like to steer away from leaks to not ruin the element of surprise, others can’t help their curiosity and have a little peek to see if it’s worth saving those V-Bucks for the upcoming cosmetics. 

With Patch 19.10, two new skins have been leaked alongside some new sprays, wraps, and loading screens. 

Myna is an upcoming skin bundle of epic rarity, that includes a matching back bling, glider, pickaxe, and some extra challenges for players to accomplish.  

Stash’d, part of the Fashion Forward set, is an uncommon skin sporting a black and white hoodie with matching sweatpants and sneakers. An additional style with reversed colors will also be available. 

Leaked skins

Leaked wraps 

Leaked sprays

It’s worth noting that five Chapter One Battle Pass skins can be seen on the list as well; Vega (Season Nine), Luxe (Season Eight),  Zenith (Season Seven), Vendetta (Season Nine), and The Ice King (Season Seven). Since Battle Pass skins have been exclusive to those who purchased the Battle Pass, players are left wondering what might be the reason for their supposed return. 

All of the skins had extra challenges to unlock additional styles with, so one theory is that these styles will be granted to the owners of the skins, even if they didn’t originally unlock them.