Fortnite Creative Codes List: All Fan-Made Creations on The Block | Dot Esports

All codes for previous fan-made creations featured at Fortnite’s The Block

Many players have already been featured in the area.

Image via Epic Games

For the past few weeks Epic Games has been featuring fan-made areas from Fortnite Creative in Battle Royale. A new fan creation is featured at The Block every week since the area was introduced on Dec. 6. After these creations rotate out of The Block, they become unplayable in Battle Royale.

But if you missed one or just want to play them again, you can do so in Fortnite Creative if you have their island code.

If you miss playing at Grimy Greens or Mysterious Market, check out the full list of previous fan-made creations that were featured at The Block below to play them on Creative.

Island Codes

  • Grimy Greens, by Kaancitak - 8641-0487-1161
  • Risky Runways, by Ake - 5542-7687-4547
  • Mystery Market, by TTN Bludrive - 7693-3640-8910
  • DM Arena, by Kojacknumber2 - 8792-1332-7866
  • Looming Llama, by Stormhawk - 6388-1013-6876
  • Omega Pyramid, by Directingpete - 9587-1059-8765
  • Collamasseum, by Zartbot - 4052-3215-4331
  • LunarStreetFestival, by NiBLL - 9895-7465-4802
  • Oily Oaks, by MrSlickWillyz - 3814-3368-9517
  • Colossal Compound, by Aril_lian1 - 2104-8579-0154
  • Cryptic Castle, by HellraiserGaming - 3559-7849-3758
  • Turtle Temple, by Botimus-Prime - 3825-4310-4070
  • Skull Island, by prudiz - 3448-6105-6127
  • Harmony Hotel, by TTV Dabbing - 1347-2226-0462
  • Tropical Treetops, by GingerJay91 - 3727-3673-7814
  • Mysterious Mansion, by Furry Nenja - 9412-8609-7508

We will update this article as new creations are rotated out of Battle Royale’s The Block.