A rift has appeared in the sky of Fortnite to signal Thor's Arrival - Dot Esports

A rift has appeared in the sky of Fortnite to signal Thor’s Arrival

Get ready for season four.

Image via Epic Games

As we gear up for the fourth season of content in Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 2, Epic Games has already started to tease players with the theme and content that they can expect in a few days time.

As well as releasing the first in a series of teaser images, Epic also added a short comic in the main menu and, if that wasn’t enough, they have also begun to tease an in-game event that will likely be happening soon.

If you look into the sky while playing a game at any point, you will notice a far-off rift that has begun to open in the middle of the map. As with most Fortnite events, these rifts usually signal the beginning of something new as well as changes to the game’s world as we know it.

It is pretty small at the moment but it will undoubtedly grow bigger over time as we gear up to season four on Aug. 27, which is likely to bring a Marvel makeover as well as a new battle pass and more.

For now, all we can do is await Thor’s potential arrive into the game in a few days time and whatever else Epic has planned.