How to vote for Team of the Year nominees in FIFA 22

Choose wisely.

Screengrab via EA

It’s time for FIFA 22 players to vote for their favorite players to determine the Team of the Year (TOTY).

The voting will start on Jan. 10 and will last for a week. Though EA hasn’t officially commented on when it will release the results of the vote, chances are the Team of the Year should become available at the end of this month.

If this is going to be your first time voting for the TOTY, the voting process can be more difficult than you might imagine. The first instinct of most players is to look for the voting page inside FIFA 22, but players will need to follow these steps to cast their votes.

How can you vote for Team of the Year nominees in FIFA 22?

  • Head over to the official FIFA 22 TOTY voting page.
    • The landing page for this year’s TOTY isn’t up yet, but the one for FIFA is still up and running. EA is likely to change the year in the URL and announce the landing page on the EA Sports FIFA Twitter page before the voting starts on Jan. 10.
  • Click on the Team of the Year tab and choose your nominees.
  • After choosing your nominees, confirm your vote.

Once you confirm your vote, there will be nothing left to do but to wait for EA to announce the results. Don’t forget that there will be a total of four categories that you’ll need to cast your vote for: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

The categories above will feature various players who have been performing well throughout the last year. The players’ statistics will come into play, but so will their popularity, which could be a major factor in terms of getting more votes than their counterparts. With TOTY cards being released after the voting, most players will want to acquire them for their squads since TOTY cards have stronger stats. But they also tend to cost a lot more than their regular versions.