How to transfer FIFA points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23

What was yours is still yours.

Image via EA

The FIFA franchise ships with many game modes every year, but the Ultimate Team (FUT) often snatches the crown as the most popular. Players get to build their dream squads and work their way up in FUT, and the time it takes to do so will heavily depend on your available FIFA points.

FIFA points are a currency type in FUT that can be used for buying player/content packs and draft entries. Considering each player and item has a certain rarity, spending more points will increase your chances of unlocking them.

While some players prefer purchasing FIFA points with real-life money to save time, others may prefer competing in in-game events and embracing a more free-to-play approach. With each FIFA title having a life cycle of a year, you may still have some unspent FIFA points in last year’s entry, FIFA 22. Luckily, EA allows players to transfer their FIFA points to the latest title. Here’s how you can do it in FIFA 23.

How do you transfer FIFA points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23?

Players can transfer their FIFA points from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23 during the EA Play early trial or starting from Sept. 27. 

To transfer your FIFA points between FIFA 22 and FIFA 23:

  • Install FIFA 23 on your gaming system.
  • Launch FIFA 23 and log in with your EA account.
  • Once logged in, FIFA 23 will detect your unspent coins in the previous title and ask you whether you’d like to transfer them to FIFA 23.

The FUT Web and Companion apps can’t be used to transfer FIFA points between titles. Logging into the latest title is the only way to do so, and the point transfers are irreversible. The transfer only works within the same console family, meaning it’s impossible to transfer FIFA points from PlayStation to Xbox and vice versa.